It all started when…

I left my profession in European logistics to move to California to raise a family. Even as I turned inwardly to raise my children, I found I was engaging closely with people around the globe. When my children were small, I picked up a hobby that is very domestic and solitary–sewing. And yet, as I focused my design work laser-like on the desires and dreams of just my own small children, I discovered I had touched on something much larger. Apparently, my sewing had inspired many other young parents wanting to create special clothes for their own children. And thus, the clothes I designed for my children were turned into sewing patterns that are sold all over the United States and Europe. I have written two best-selling sewing books, which have been translated into two and three languages respectively. My sewing, done alone within the confines of a windowless storage unit and entirely for my own needs and to my own tastes, connects me to people all around the globe in a very universal and rewarding way.

My sewing patterns are like no other. Spirals, pleats and flairs wherever I want them. I have no fashion design training, so I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I follow my own path. Your child is on her own path, too. Encourage her to follow that path with the clothes you make together that are a true reflection of her.