Happy Holidays, fam!

And here to introduce my Mermaid Cowgirls! These plucky ocean defenders fight to keep the oceans safe and clean for everybody … even their archnemesis, the wily OCTOBANDITO!

Happy holidays, fam! Here’s wishing you happiness, health, creative inspiration and a few TANTRUMS for the new year,

XO -Nancy


I'm proud to partner with Swafing Fabrics

I'm pretty lucky. Imagine, if you will, being let loose in a warehouse of beautiful European fabrics and being told, "Take whatever you want." I know, right? I am unbelievably grateful to have had Swafing of Nordhorn, Germany, be my fabric sponsor for several years now. It is high time, however, for me to share my good fortune.

While I cannot exactly give you the same deal I have, I am here to support bringing Swafing fabrics to North America. Let me know what you want in your fabrics! Really, tell me! More fashion forward? More high quality knits? More interesting textures? On it! 

Please also contact me if you would be interested in including Swafing in your shop's fabric assortment. Swafing has an AMAZING range of Basics in about 32 consistent colorways across all Swafing fabrics. Yarn-dyed striped knits, French terry sweatshirt jerseys, brushed reverse sweatshirt jerseys, designer fabrics, 160-count poplins and SO MUCH MORE. 

Swafing has priced their fabrics very competitively for the North American market. As well as amazing air freight rates. You can have your Swafing bolts delivered to the lower 48 in about a week to ten business days from the time you order!

Ask me more about Swafing fabrics.